The Arthritis Foundation is one of the leading organizations working toward arthritis research and education. Not only do they inform patients on how they can best take care of themselves, but they also educate outsiders on the importance of donating to arthritis research.

In recent years, many arthritis patients have been utilizing CBD to battle several symptoms. The Arthritis Foundation is outlining some new guidelines related to using CBD if you have arthritis. They will describe the appropriate ways to integrate CBD into your life. Due to the overwhelming anecdotal and clinical evidence that CBD could work for arthritis. Patients that are looking for the appropriate ways to integrate CBD into your life, keep reading to see the Arthritis Foundation’s suggestions.

While there are no official guidelines to go off of from a clinical standpoint, experts within the Arthritis Foundation have collaborated to agree upon some points to consider. For starters, the foundation emphasizes the fact that no clinical studies have conclusively confirmed that CBD can help arthritis symptoms. However, many CBD users and arthritis patients have expressed that they have seen personal results when using CBD to treat their arthritis symptoms.

Next, the Arthritis Foundation assures users that no significant health or safety issues have been reported as a result of taking CBD in moderate doses. In short, this means that self-medicating with CBD, as long as it’s a reasonable dose, doesn’t come with any significant side effects or health risks.

However, research shows that CBD can interact with certain medications and perhaps make them less effective when used together. For this reason, you should consult with your primary care physician before starting to use CBD to make sure you aren’t taking any medications that would negatively interact with it.

While CBD can help with your symptoms, the Arthritis Foundation also recommends that you shouldn’t be using CBD as a replacement to any of your traditional medications. These medications used in the treatment of arthritis were designed to slow and stop the progression of inflammation, while CBD has not conclusively shown that it can achieve that yet. Therefore, using CBD as a replacement for medications would become potentially dangerous and would be unlikely to slow the progression of the disease.

Finally, the Arthritis Foundation reminds users that there are no established guidelines for what the most effective method is to use CBD or how much you should take. Instead, users need to be incredibly careful to always start with a dosage lower than what they think they’ll need, increasing in small increments only as necessary to achieve comfort. It would be best if you only were increasing this dosage every week, be sure not to overwhelm your body, and keep track of how your symptoms behave.

The Arthritis Foundation offers some of the most comprehensive guidelines on the web for how arthritis patients should be administering CBD. The most important thing to keep in mind when using CBD is that it affects everyone differently. Your symptoms might need a much higher or much lower dosage than someone else’s, and you’ll need to start at a low dose to determine how much you’ll need correctly. Also, be sure to only buy products from retailers or dispensaries you trust, and always check for third-party lab testing before investing in a new product to be sure it’s pure.