Taking care of your heart is arguably the most important thing you can do for your body at any age. An unhealthy heart leads to all kinds of severe and potentially fatal issues. The CDC estimates that around 610,000 people die every year in the US due to heart disease, making it one of the most common and devastating health problems that Americans face. In an age where prescription drugs are pumped into our bodies with every ache or pain, taking a natural approach to your health can be a much-needed reprieve. CBD has several therapeutic benefits that can support heart health, and this blog post will be discussing the potential reasons you should consider it for your cardiovascular wellness.

Blood Pressure and CBD

If you have high blood pressure that goes uncontrolled, it can lead to catastrophic health problems, including heart attack, stroke, or an aneurysm. High blood pressure is also one of the significant factors which contribute to the development of heart disease, so it’s essential to keep it monitored. It’s been well-documented that stress contributes to high blood pressure, so managing your stress level is an integral part of heart health.

In a recently conducted University of Nottingham study, rats subjected to stressful situations after being administered with either CBD or placebo. The results of the study showed that the rats given CBD had a lower cardiovascular response compared to those given the placebo. Although these results would require further testing on humans to be considered legitimate, the study proved extremely promising.

Alongside Oxford University, The University of Nottingham conducted another similar study in which nine male subjects administered either a 600mg dosage of CBD or a placebo. After the treatment was delivered, they monitored the subjects’ heart rates continuously. The study found that the participants who took CBD had a lower resting blood pressure compared to the participants who had taken the placebo.

Heart Health

Across Canada and the US, heart failure is a condition that affects over 6 million people and costs the healthcare system more than $30 billion in the United States alone. About half of the people who suffer from heart failure suffer from a specific type called diastolic heart failure, also known as HFpEF. Treatments for this type of heart failure have not progressed much over the last dozen years, and many available drugs do not treat the causes of heart failure.

Recent research has pointed to the hypothesis that CBD could prove useful in a person’s overall heart health.

Your heart is the most critical organ in your body next to your brain, and you must understand how to take care of it. While CBD could be an excellent option for heart health, it may not be for everyone. You should consult with your physician before starting any new treatments to be sure it’s right for you. Also, be sure to buy any cannabis or CBD products from a reputable company with third-party lab testing in place. Finally, be sure to do your research on clinical studies and other information that may apply to any conditions you may have.

BY BRI STEPHENS – echoconnection.org