CBD oil has a long list of potential benefits, but it does have one major con in the eyes of many—the taste.

Raw hemp just doesn’t taste great. Unflavored CBD oil can taste earthy, pungent, and downright unbearable for some. If you’re sensitive to specific tastes and you’ve tried a hemp tincture, maybe you were turned off by it. However, there are several easy ways to make your CBD oil routine taste much better. If you want to find out how to enjoy the benefits of tinctures without gagging, keep reading to see our advice.

  1. Get a Flavored Tincture

It might seem obvious, but a tincture that is purposefully flavored to mask the natural hemp taste can help a lot. Citrus flavored tinctures like lemon or orange are particularly potent and can easily cover up the flavor of raw hemp. By buying one with a taste you enjoy, you’ll be much more likely to make a CBD tincture part of your daily routine.

  1. Mix CBD Into Food or Drinks

If you really can’t stand the taste of CBD oil, mixing it into your food or drinks can help a lot. CBD oil will blend well into virtually any of your favorites drinks, including your morning coffee or even your pre-workout smoothie. You can also cook with it—adding it to sauces or gravies or including it in confections like brownies. If you’re going to be putting CBD oil into your food or drinks, we recommend getting an unflavored oil as it won’t change the natural flavor of your food so drastically.

  1. Use CBD Oil After Brushing Teeth

If you use CBD as part of your daily regimen, you might take it before bed anyway. One great way to mask the earthy flavor of CBD oil is to take it right after you brush your teeth. Since your tongue will be briefly numb to taste due to your minty toothpaste, just after brushing your teeth is the perfect time to use CBD sublingually. Another benefit to this method is that eventually, taking your CBD will become part of your nightly routine alongside brushing your teeth.

  1. Use CBD Capsules

This last tip is for those who can’t get past the earthy natural taste of hemp that comes alongside CBD oil. Rather than use a traditional CBD tincture sublingually, try using a capsule product that you can swallow instead of absorbing orally. Softgels or capsules have a coating that is impenetrable by the CBD oil, and you won’t taste it at all.

Hopefully, these tips can help you if you’re particularly sensitive to the taste of CBD oil. Be sure to take a look at all the different types of oils out there before buying, as there may be one that suits your finicky taste buds without compromise.

Article by BY BRI STEPHENS  echoconnection.org